Benefits of buying real estate properties in resorts

La Manga Club resort properties offer a host of special benefits

We explain the benefits of buying in one of the best and most prestigious hotel complexes in the eastern part of Spain, as well as the various products we have on offer.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at our properties at La Manga Club

la manga club properties offers you the perfect valentine's day

If you have the fortune to enjoy a few days of relaxation, here are a few ideas to create a Valentine’s Day possible only in Europe’s top resort.

Real estate opportunities for businesses at La Manga Club: office and storage spaces

great commercial properties located in Bellaluz, La Manga Club properties

Accessibility and returns: Rare, centrally located office and storage space at the heart of one of the liveliest communities in our leisure and golf resort, Bellaluz.

Stories behind our properties at La Manga Club: Lake Palmer

the golf greats at la manga club properties

The American Arnold Palmer, who passed away in 2016, also holds a special place in the heart of our golf resort. Today, to celebrate our 45th anniversary, we’ll tell you why. 

Tourism routes near our properties at La Manga Club: Modernism in Cartagena

modernism in cartagena: a day away from your property at la manga club

An itinerary for a day away from our properties at La Manga Club. Take a whirl through Cartagena's center and let yourself be carried away by the urban landscape.

Looking for an apartment in La Manga Club to live in 365 days a year? This exclusive offer will interest you.

Apartment in Murcia to live in or rent out: Las Lomas

A charming Las Lomas ground-floor apartment for sale under a standard contract that does not include restrictions on the time allotted for personal use.

Tourism routes near our properties at La Manga Club: a day at Cartagena’s Roman amphitheater

cartagena's roman theater is just a short distance from la manga club properties

La Manga Club's surrounding area has an extraordinary architectural heritage tied to its long history as a land abutting the Mediterranean and the world of Classical culture.

Special deals on Las Lomas Apartments at La Manga Club for the close of 2017

resort apartments in Murcia, Spain: Las Lomas at La Manga Club

The Las Lomas apartments at La Manga Club are a unique real estate product designed with a special profile in mind: buyers looking to make a smart investment without giving up their holiday time at La Manga Club.

The Acacias luxury villas at La Manga Club rise to meet 2018

properties to buy at la manga club

As La Manga Club prepared to celebrate its 45th anniversary this year, the Las Acacias villas were conceived to usher in a new era at the resort. Looking ever to the future, we continue to position ourselves among the best of the best resorts in Europe in facilities, security, and, of course, our properties for sale.

Happy holidays from La Manga Club Properties!

la manga club properties wishes you a happy new year

Another wonderful year at La Manga Club Properties is coming to a close, and with it all the Christmas and holiday celebrations that make our leisure and golf resort such a delight in the winter months.