If you're thinking about buying an apartment in a sport resort, here are some things to consider

benefits of buying in sport resort la manga club

The decision to buy an apartment in a sport resort like La Manga Club is one that can change your life. Get to know some of the benefits that make our resort the best possible choice.

April sport in and around our La Manga Club properties for sale

sport events abound at our la manga club properties for sale

If there's one thing we wish we could communicate to anyone looking for a La Manga Club property for sale, it's that as a resident you will never, ever find yourself lacking for something to do. Not only is La Manga Club itself absolutely teeming with social and sport events every week, but our leisure and golf resort is located close enough to both Cartagena and Murcia to put events in either of those cities within easy reach. We'll leave it to you to explore the outside world this month, but here's a small sampler of just a few of the sport activities on the resort grounds in April.

5 Reasons that Investing in a Resort is a Good Idea

a day at La Manga Club golf resort

La Manga Club offers products that meet characteristics sought after by smart investors: economic value, easy management, great services, unique attractions and, of course, location. If you're planning on investing in the second-home real estate market, our La Manga Club golf resort is a sure bet.

Why an Apartment in a Resort may be the Best Way to Get your Children Involved in Sports

Sport training at La Manga Club

Bringing together two kid favourites like sport and leisure in the same place is a dream for lots of parents, and one that owners who have decided to buy a flat in a resort like La Manga Club, known for its incredible sport facilities, have experienced first-hand. This is a place where your children can enjoy themselves while you rest and relax with the security of knowing that they are in a safe place and engaged in activities appropriate for their age.

Las Acacias: La Manga Club's Luxury Villas are Coming to Life

Drumroll, please! After over a year of heavy anticipation, La Manga Club Properties is ecstatic to announce that we have just broken ground on the construction of our new-build luxury villa community, Las Acacias.

This project will culminate in the materialization of three model homes, each representing one of the three types of villas that can be built on this exclusive collection of 29 plots at the heart of La Manga Club.

La Manga Club Welcomes Liverpool FC

Ah, winter in our La Manga Club apartments! The weather is great, Las Lomas Village is welcoming, and, for the football fans among us, it's primetime. There's no other resort in Europe that regularly leaves its residents agape at the proximity of the continent's biggest sport stars, who cruise into La Manga Club for a little training plus R&R when we least expect it.

La Manga Club Enjoys a Literary Cameo

Winter is the absolute perfect time to catch up on all the reading we weren't able to do in the summer and fall.

Of course, at La Manga Club, where it's never really winter, distractions remain: it's not always easy to resist the siren song of the greens. But if you're looking to take a little break from your golf game and settle down with a good book, there's one hot off the presses that you may enjoy.

Great Opportunity to Buy a Centrally Located Plot at La Manga Club

This month we have a unique offer from the La Manga Club Properties offices: two sizeable plots for sale right at the heart of La Manga Club.

Attention golfers: Five reasons to buy an apartment in a golf resort

Golf is a sport that can be demanding and glorious in equal measure, but nothing inspires such profound satisfaction as knowing, as your ball slips over the horizon, that you've driven it well. If you're a golfer, at one point or another you'll have thought about buying an apartment in a golf resort. As one of the top European companies in golf course real estate, the experience we've accrued and the wonderful relationships we've developed with our communities have allowed us to pull together this list of five reasons to make up your mind to step - or swing - into action.

Three Suggestions for Wine Lovers at our La Manga Club Apartments and Villas

Many of the owners and guests of our villas and apartments at La Manga Club originally opted for a property in our resort inspired by the quality of our golf and tennis facilities. Nonetheless, just a short while later, most become aware of the extraordinary culture and heritage of this area, combining nature and history, leisure and gastronomy.