Beaches that you should visit near your property at La Manga Club: Cala Reona

beautiful beaches near our golf resort la manga club

This summer we’ll be bringing you a series of posts about the best beaches close to La Manga Club so that you can start planning little excursions to these spots just a stone’s throw away by car. We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with each one and you won’t be able to resist visiting all of them.

Do you own a villa or apartment in La Manga Club? Download the official app!

owners of villas and apartments at la manga club have a new app

We’ve just launched a practical mobile application that’s sure to delight our residents and everyone who’s bought one of our properties for sale at La Manga Club.

4 recommendations for the magical night of San Juan at the beaches near La Manga Club

greet the summer near our leisure and golf resort on san juan

For Mediterraneans, San Juan is the starting gun of the summer. With its roots deep in the ancient rites of celebration of the solstice, we think San Juan is the perfect excuse to leave the comfort of your villa or apartment in La Manga Club and hunt down bonfires and parties where you can greet the best part of the year.

Buy-to-let apartments in Spain: the best real estate investment you can make in a holiday home

buy an investment apartment in spain

Investments in buy-to-let apartments in Spain give you access to one of the strongest and most profitable tourism markets in the world.

5 museums to get you up and out of your property at La Manga Club

our properties to buy at la manga club will bring you close to the archaeological museum

If you're interested in art and history, maybe you weren't aware that your villa or apartment in La Manga Club offers you the opportunity to dedicate a full day - or as many as you like - to the pursuit of culture.

Looking to buy property at La Manga Club? Come to our event in London

La Manga Club comes to London to showcase its properties

If you don't already own a property at La Manga Club, or if you do and you're looking to get more of your friends in on one of Europe's best holiday destinations, we have the perfect upcoming event for you. In June, a special delegation from the resort will be travelling to London for a fun cocktail and information session that will be held at the Cervantes Theatre.

History and wine in two excursions La Manga Club property owners shouldn't miss

Windmills dot the horizon in some towns close to La Manga Club

Today, we invite you to learn about an area replete with nature, history, leisure and gastronomy via two day trips from La Manga Club. Take notes and start planning for your next free day!

Save the Date for the 2017 Alda Charity Week at La Manga Club Properties

La Manga Club properties celebrates Alda Week

Summer is fast approaching and it's time to square away the weeks you'll be spending at La Manga Club properties sunning and swimming. With so many activities to choose from, one week may seem just as exciting as another, but don't forget to mark your calendars for one very special series of events that spans the end of July and the beginning of August: the Alda Sport Charity Week & Gala.

Playing mini golf at La Manga Club: how to improve your kids' game without them noticing

La Manga Club properties for sale offer a terrific game of mini golf

For golf lovers, getting their children interested in their favorite sport may seem a difficult job, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. One fun way for them to get into the swing of things from a young age is to get them started on mini golf.

Holy Week in Murcia: the perfect opportunity to lose yourself in tourism in Murcia

tourism in murcia during holy week

Holy Week is just around the corner, and it's one of the best times to come and relax at La Manga Club sport and leisure resort. This period offers a great opportunity to get to know better this region beloved by the Carthaginians, Romans, and Moors, for all of whom it was a grand garden and solace.