Special deals on Las Lomas Apartments at La Manga Club for the close of 2017

resort apartments in Murcia, Spain: Las Lomas at La Manga Club

The Las Lomas apartments at La Manga Club are a unique real estate product designed with a special profile in mind: buyers looking to make a smart investment without giving up their holiday time at La Manga Club.

The Acacias luxury villas at La Manga Club rise to meet 2018

properties to buy at la manga club

As La Manga Club prepared to celebrate its 45th anniversary this year, the Las Acacias villas were conceived to usher in a new era at the resort. Looking ever to the future, we continue to position ourselves among the best of the best resorts in Europe in facilities, security, and, of course, our properties for sale.

Happy holidays from La Manga Club Properties!

la manga club properties wishes you a happy new year

Another wonderful year at La Manga Club Properties is coming to a close, and with it all the Christmas and holiday celebrations that make our leisure and golf resort such a delight in the winter months.

Announcing the new La Manga Club Properties Office in the Clubhouse

new offices for the la manga club properties team in the clubhouse

If you have any suggestions or questions, or just want to stop in for a chat, we love nothing more than to be your point of contact with the La Manga Club Properties community.

The stories behind our properties at La Manga Club: Severiano Ballesteros

severiano ballesteros and la manga club properties

We've just marked the 45th anniversary of the inauguration of our wonderful golf resort and La Manga Club properties, and our storied history, such an integral part of the collective soul of this destination, is filled with countless precious anecdotes and memorable moments.

Exclusive Black Friday deals from La Manga Club Properties

choose your Black Friday deal at La Manga Club Properties

Our favourite shopping day of the year is upon us and as usual we've cooked up great things for buyers of our La Manga Club properties. This year golf lovers are in for particularly wonderful deals on our luxury villas and investment apartments, but there's a little something for everyone here at our leisure resort in Spain.

The Lighthouse at Cabo de Palos, a maritime landmark near your property at La Manga Club

property at La Manga Club near the fishing village of Cabo de Palos

One of the most attractive things about the Region of Murcia that makes having a property at La Manga Club so delightful is the collection of small nearby fishing villages teeming with history, tradition and Mediterranean cuisine.

Get to know the wines of Jumilla, some of the best in Spain, near your property at La Manga Club

Jumilla wines: another treasure near our properties at La Manga Club

Today we offer another exciting journey into the region’s wine areas to learn about D.O. Jumilla, considered to produce some of the best Spanish wines. Get ready to discover the marvels of the areas that surround our golf resort and take in a storied history.

Beaches to get to know near your property at La Manga Club: Punta del Sombrerico

excursion to punta sombrerico from la manga club

On this trip down the Murcian coast, our last recommendation of the season is that you take a day away from the bustle and try this beautiful beach set apart from the rest. Lose yourself here; you won’t regret it.

Things to do at your property at La Manga Club: Friday flamenco shows at La Bodega Restaurant

things to do at your property at La Manga Club

Today we’d like to propose a new kind of experience: a night of pure flamenco accompanied by the delicious offers at La Bodega Restaurant. Ready for a cultural and gastronomic delight?