Attention owners of our apartments and villas at La Manga Club: dates for this summer's White Nights at La Cala

La Cala hosts the La Manga Club villas' White Nights

As the summer approaches, the word begins to spread about the events that really epitomize the lifestyle of those who have chosen to live in this extraordinary complex. This year, by popular demand, we’re happy to announce that there will be two dates for our White Nights at La Cala.

Live the magical night of San Juan close to your property at La Manga Club

Nights of magic near your property at La Manga Club for San Juan

Kick off the summer and rejoice in this absolutely magical evening from your property at La Manga Club, launching a season of endless afternoons at the beach and visits to the many fascinating corners of our region.

Grand Opening of the Model Homes at Las Acacias Villas at La Manga Club

New build villas La Manga Club Spain

There’s nothing like celebrating after a long-awaited achievement, and the launch party for our Las Acacias villas at La Manga Club was exuberance itself. This past June 7th we were delighted to welcome brokers, residents, and friends to two events held on the site of our newly completed model homes.

What to try from Murcia, "Europe's Orchard", if you have a La Manga Club apartment or villa

La Manga Club apartments offer you the best of Murcian products right at your door

Explore some local markets and prepare to be astonished by the best the Mediterranean diet has to offer.

Jumilla wines are flourishing in the Murcian highlands near your property at La Manga Club

Owning a property at La Manga Club will give you an opportunity to enjoy local enotourism

The wines of Jumilla are the fruit of ancient tradition in this area of Murcia, located just an hour and a half drive from your property at La Manga Club. Discover why they have become an international success.

The Moors and Christians Festival: A walk through history near your property at La Manga Club

Moors and Christians next to your property in La Manga Club

If you're lucky enough to own a property at La Manga Club, you are sure to know that in close proximity to our world-renowned golf courses and luxury apartments lies also a treasure trove of historical and cultural paragons that date back to 711AD when the Moors began their 500-year occupation of the Iberian Peninsula.

Ready for your triathlon training at La Manga Club?

Train for your triathlon in the best possible conditions from your property at La Manga Club

If you have a property at La Manga Club, you know that those who appreciate our weather and spectacular surroundings the most are those who spend the largest amount of time outdoors.

Save the date for you and Las Acacias on the 7th of June

the la manga club properties latest debut: las acacias luxury villas

Our La Manga Club Properties calendar is packed with events designed to celebrate the launch of our luxury villas, an important step into the future of our beloved golf resort.

Visit heaven without ever leaving La Manga Club: our Wellness Centre

la manga club properties' wonderful wellness centre

One of the jewels in our crown is indubitably our Wellness Centre complex, named Spain’s Best Resort Spa 2017 this past December 10th in Vietnam at the World Spa Awards.

Buy-to-let, the sustainable tourism rental formula that allows you to enjoy your property at La Manga Club too

buy-to-let apartments at la manga club: Las Lomas

At the La Manga Club Properties Office, we know that there are a lot of ways to invest in the real estate market, and that’s why today we want to talk about the concept of buy-to-let. This is a profitable and sustainable formula that will also have positive effects on your leisure time.