Settle in for the evening at your La Manga Club apartment with a lovely Anise

Try anise, a local delicacy near your La Manga Club apartment

Your La Manga Club apartment is ensconced in a region where gastronomic delights abound and exceptional regional specialities and unique dishes are accessible within a stone’s throw of your residence.

Dare to be bold: kitesurfing near your La Manga Club property

Enjoy year-round kitesurfing near your La Manga Club property

If you’ve chosen to buy a La Manga Club property, surely at some point you factored in the benefits of living in a resort with professional-quality athletic facilities and privileged surroundings that let you partake in outdoor activities year-round. So it's time to take advantage and try kitesurfing in these ideal conditions.

The best rice in Murcia: delight in Calasparra rice at your villa or apartment at La Manga Club

Learn more about D.O. Calasparra Rice, cultivated near your apartment at La Manga Club

In an exceptional region like Murcia, where the owners of our villas and apartments at La Manga Club are privileged to live, food production is unique and of the highest quality. For example, it’s the incomparable Mediterranean climate and organic cultivation in 500-metre mountains that result in the singular properties of Calasparra rice.

La Manga Club Properties supports the Fundación Alda

La Manga Club Properties participates in Sport Charity Week

La Manga Club Properties has just completed a whirlwind week of participation in La Manga Club’s Alda Sport Charity Week. Our 2018 edition of this annual celebration was the highlight of the summer, bringing together residents and visitors alike under the pillars that support our resort: sport, community, giving back, and having fun!

Interview with Eduardo Ruiz Méndez

Eduardo Ruiz Méndez - La Manga Club Properties

Our new General Director of Sport already forms part of the La Manga Club properties family.

Excursions from your La Manga Club property: Lorca, The City of Sun

Excursions from your La Manga Club property: Lorca

Pop quiz! If you’re looking for an excursion from your La Manga Club property, in which destination can you find: virgin beaches, a sun fortress, a recovered synagogue, the ancient Via Augusta road, embroidery museums, a stunning archaeological museum, and a multiple, diverse and historical world? 

Interview with Nick Montgomery

Nick Montgomery - La Manga Club Properties

Join us in welcoming the new General Director of the resort, who will play an essential role in our La Manga Club properties community. 

Mediterranean wizardry: one of the great chefs of La Manga Club properties reveals his secrets

get a delightful dish at the beach at our properties at la manga club

Here at La Manga Club properties we celebrate the diversity of our residents and guests in many ways, and perhaps no way is more accessible than through cuisine.

Mountain bike routes near your property at La Manga Club

properties at La Manga Club enjoy pristine natural surroundings perfect for sport

One of the main attractions of acquiring a property in La Manga Club is the fabulous natural surroundings, which not only allow you to enjoy the spectacularly warm Mediterranean climate throughout the year, but also offer ideal conditions for doing outdoor sports such as running or mountain biking.

Yacht excursions through the Mar Menor near your property at La Manga Club

take boat excursions from your property at la manga club

Whether it's a dream yet to be fulfilled, or you are already an experienced mariner, keep reading to find out how you can enjoy the best sailboat rides in La Manga del Mar Menor beyond your own horizon.