Familiar with mojete? Prepare it at your apartment in La Manga Club

Your apartment at La Manga Club is the perfect excuse to discover Murcian cuisine

If you’re fortunate enough to own an apartment at La Manga Club, you’ll have already invested in Murcia’s charms: the climate, the exceptional landscapes, and its culinary delights. Today we bring you a typical dish that is also common in the neighbouring region of Castilla-La Mancha.

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2019 brings new nominations for excellence for la manga club resort

La Manga Club resort delights in nothing more than being a time-tested institution. In addition to our many years of operation, we are also fortunate to have received praise not only from our guests, but from critics as well.

A delicious whole wheat dish to try at your La Manga Club residence

Enjoy Easter with family at your La Manga Club residence

Holy Week, one of the best periods of the year to enjoy days off at your La Manga Club residence, is filled with activities including the processions in Murcia and wonderful foods for Lent.

Bando de la Huerta, a celebration worthy of an excursion from your La Manga Club property

The unique Murcian celebrations are some of the best reasons to buy a property at La Manga Club

Spring is that inspiring season that makes you want to get out and wrap yourself in wonderful colours and aromas, leaving your La Manga Club property for a few hours to revel in the natural riches of the region.

Holy Week in Murcia: a celebration of International Tourism Interest close to your La Manga Club property

Our La Manga Club properties are the perfect homebase for Holy Week

Ten days, ten opportunities to venture out from your La Manga Club property to celebrations recognized around the world: Murcia’s Holy Week.

The Gebas Ravine: a lunar landscape you can reach from your La Manga Club apartment

The Gebas Ravine: an extraordinary landscape close to the apartments at La Manga Club

Half a century after Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon, you can have a lunar experience too, if you’re willing to leave your La Manga Club apartment for just a day.

A break for Afternoon Tea at La Manga Club

Tea for two at La Manga Club

Perhaps the most compelling draw of La Manga Club is its ability to serve the needs of so many. Whether it’s sport you love, or an active social life, or beautiful surroundings, our exceptional resort will provide.

Culinary surprises that hail from around our golf resort: Michirones

A La Manga Club golf resort plus: excellent local cuisine

If you have a property at La Manga Club, today we invite you to discover michirones, a typical Murcian dish that smells and tastes of tradition.

Excursion to Cuatro Calas from your La Manga Club property

Cuatro Calas is but one of many wonderful sites near your La Manga Club property

Today we introduce you to one of the last virgin spots on the Murcian coast near your La Manga Club property, a secret paradise known only to locals as Cuatro Calas. 

Delicious traditions from the Old World: make room for mojama at your property at La Manga Club

Your property at La Manga Club brings you within reach of unique ancient traditions

When you prepare for a celebration at your property at La Manga Club, try mojama, an absolutely delicious salt-cured tuna produced in the seaside Cartagena Region.